Thursday, January 07, 2010

Continual Self-reminder

I have got so used to myself, sometimes I forget I am weird.TM


Darshan Chande said...

Wish I could forget it, too. But damn it! The moment I face "people" I realize I am weird! Don't you worry! Even if you tend to forget things, people will take enough care to make you realize it...!!

soin said...

tm? your carving it

Ketan said...

@ Darshan:

I had not imagined someone would get this post as perfectly as you could! But to think of it, yes, you're weird! ;)

However, the trick and the purpose of this conclusion is to remind myself of my weirdness before others can! So that, I could modulate my behavior if I feel the need to. :)


@ Soin: Sorry, but I couldn't get what you'd meant by 'carve out'.

If you're asking me, if the post is applicable only to me, then I would say, not necessarily. This reminder comes into play each time I wonder something like "why can't people understand something so simple I say, and can see so clearly. Why're people so weird?" It's at such moments I remember, it is not people who are weird, but me myself, who has deviated from the average/normal, and is weird.

The reason behind 'TM' is a twisted form of humor. If Shiv Khera could put 'TM' after something as cheesy as "winners don't do different things; they do things differently", I felt my profound discovery definitely deserved a trademark! ;)

And yes, it's an original, if that's what you were meaning to ask. TC.

Srishti said...

They should have 'like' here too.

I like.