Sunday, February 28, 2010

Indian Independence

Did the British transfer power to their nonviolent adversaries (Muslim League and INC)?


Did the British transfer power to their least dissenting allies (Muslim League and INC)?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Being Proven Wrong can Feel Right

Suprise is the most spontaneous self-admission of inadequate ability to anticipate and estimate, basically, of "being wrong".

And ironically, surprises can be liked. :)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Contentment, Happiness and Ecstasy

A fulfilling moment is one, upon the elapse of which one does not wish it should have happened some other way. That is contentment. Contentment requires a trigger, which could be immediate or remote in time.

A happy moment is one, of which one seeks repetition. Repetition can, but may not occur because of the original trigger of happiness. That trigger occurs immediately before, and usually is an accomplishment. Repetition may also occur with replaying the memory of the trigger and the ensuing happy moments.

Happy moments may leave either contentment or sadness in aftermath. Sadness occurs when one assumes happiness to be the minimum acceptable standard for living, and lack of happiness is seen as a trough, or a deficit. Contentment occurs with the awareness that happiness is not a given, but is earned along with existence of appropriate conditions (e.g., absence of overwhelming pain).

Ecstatic is a moment, the intensity of which consciousness cannot fully capture, and memory cannot retain. Ecstasy* being a novel and/or rare occurrence, may leave happiness in its wake. Ecstasy overwhelms the consciousness, and consciousness can never be prepared enough for ecstasy. The loss of control felt can be discomforting. Hence, I do not seek ecstasy repeatedly.

*I was not talking of the substance! ;)