Monday, February 08, 2010


Time is timeless.


blunt edges said...

eh? what?

Ketan said...

blunt edges,

Welcome to the blog! And, sorry for two consecutive mystifying blog-posts. Actually, my primary blog is Neglected Serendipity, which is not to mean it is any more interesting that this one.

The current post was an outcome of my discussion with a fellow blogger, where I was wondering why should time have a "beginning" or and "ending", the way people talk in context of big bang and all that? Meaning, if we talk of 'start' and 'end' of time, are we not just introducing a parallel scale of time? So, I personally feel time does not have a beginning or an ending. Or at least, I cannot visualize it to be having beginning and ending. And, in that sense, time is timeless. Hope, this helps.

Take care.

mgeek said...

:-) Tell that to Stephen Hawking!

Srishti said...

You know, that actually makes sense.
There must be SOMETHING before the Big Bang right?
Just because the universe didn't exist doesn't mean that time didn't exist.
Errr, I think.

What is time?