Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why Objectivity?

For me, objectivity is important, because if I knowingly let go of objectivity, I would be alright with deceiving the self. I take deception as one of the highest forms of insult. Everyone has a right to know the truth. The one I deceive, I think of as unworthy of knowing the truth, and so that in turn is an insult. I do not like to insult myself.


xlynson said...

I disagree that deception is an insult. Yes, everyone has a right to the truth (whatever form that takes); but that does not mean that they must have the truth. Often deception is used in order to protect someone, or in some cases an individual may decide that he/she doesn't want the truth.
I found this post through Google-searching "Why objectivity?" .. I'm interested if you have any other thoughts on the topic.

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