Saturday, December 19, 2009

Plans and Fantasies

Planning is a chain of micro-fantasies, with this optimistic assumption that all the possible attendant obstacles were anticipated.

Fantasies do not believe in existence of obstacles.


mgeek said...

And yet planned fantasies are commercially successful :-)

Ketan said...

Yes mgeek, you're right. Sometimes assumptions turn out right. :)

And, "planned fantasies"? Nice oxymoron, if one could call it that. :) Thanks!

Srishti said...

This is so relate-able.

Fantasies are devoid of ANY obstacles. Everything goes just right, hun?

Ketan said...

Srishti, yes it does. At least in the fantasies. :)

the insider said...

But I think, practical fantasies do believe in existence of obstacles. And practical fantasies cannot always be called 'planning'.


Ketan said...

@ the insider:

Kindly illustrate with example(s). :)

And by using qualifiers like 'practical', the very purpose of calling them fantasies is defeated, isn't it? ;)

But possibly (just like so many things in life, and on my blog), planning and fantasizing could be two opposite poles on the same spectrum, with the decisive factor being the thoroughness in understanding one's situation, and consequently, the meticulousness of anticipating obstacles. :)

Thanks! TC.